missy elliott

We Under Construction

For all those MCS Groupies out there, our staff will be taking a month long recess. If have any article ideas you’d like us to rift on – drop us a note. Until that time, we’re Under Construction like Missy Misdemeanor Elliott’s breakthrough 2002 album.  Feel free to work it until we meet again. 

masai ujiri

TOTW: Masai Ujiri

By Kevin C. When a person in a position of power screams out Fuck Brooklyn the world must take notice. For that matter, anybody with a hot microphone who screams out fuck anything is something to behold. Such a statement is laconic and powerful, capturing the anger-fueled essence of a message in one perfectly packaged two-word verbal memo. It’s the
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pitbull austion mahone

Thugvestigation: Pitbull

By Kevin C. Mr. 305, Mr. Worldwide, Mr. Dade County, Mr. Doubtfire – all  nicknames adopted by the enigmatic Cuban-American rapper from South Beach. But behind those monikers rests the superb Latin skin and a lyrical fusillade of one of the Rap Game’s biggest mysteries. Armando Christian Perez, or Pitbull as we affectionately know him, burst onto the scene in
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matt schaub 1

Not Too Schaubby

By Kevin C. It’s quite possible Johnny Manziel has received more publicity, attention, and notoriety without ever taking a snap in the NFL than QB Matt Schaub will see in a lifetime. The diminutive playmaker’s recent trip to Oakland Raider’s facilities has some speculating he may be the future leader of the decaying franchise. Try as they may, front office
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heat vs pacers

The Heat Vs. Pacers Conundrum

By Kevin C. The Eastern Conference has been advertised as a two-team race since the beginning of the NBA season. Mark it on the calendar. It was going to be the Heat Vs. Pacers, a toughly fought seven game series, and the winner emerging as the team with home court advantage. With less than a handful of games left in
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ed o'neill 1

Ed O’Neill is TV’s Dalai Lama

By Kevin C. Modern Family is one of the rare sitcoms with the ability to be both entertaining and introspective. Sure, Sofia Vergara’s boobs may attempt to distract us from the message entrenched in each episode, but after first glance, they jiggle harmlessly into the milieu. Among all the great actors and actresses involved with the ABC hit (both children
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MTV grind

We Miss you MTV Grind

By Kevin C. It’s funny how the brain works. You’re sitting at home watching the NBA, and David Stern’s name gets mentioned. Then you get pissed off because David Stern was at fault in the relocation of the Seattle Supersonics to Oklahoma City. Then your mind wanders to Howard Schultz, founder of Starbucks who is equally culpable for losing the
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