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Willie Beamen Watch – Thad Lewis

By Kevin C.

Quick – Who’s the greatest quarterback of all time? Joe Montana? Dan Marino? Perhaps Johnny Unitas? Nope, all those answers are wrong. The answer is Willie Beamen. Keep in mind that the question wasn’t “Who is the greatest real quarterback of all time?” You need to pay attention to the details playa. Any reliable football fan remembers the portrayal of Willie Beamen by Jamie Foxx in Any Given Sunday. He was propped up to starting QB for the Miami Sharks after a series of unfortunate injuries to his predecessors. Through a dizzying arsenal of pinpoint passing, and blitz elusiveness, Beamen excited us for 2.5 hours (about an hour longer than he should have, but Oliver Stone just doesn’t know how to edit). The rise of Willie Beamen was an improbable chain of events, and needed some Hollywood lotion to put the concept of a hidden gem of an athletic QB hiding on the sidelines onto the big screen.

We’ve seen Tom Brady and Tony Romo’s overtake the Drew Bledsoe’s of the world to claim their status as franchise quarterbacks. But these players can’t touch the initial excitement that Willie Beamen brought to the fictional league in Any Given Sunday. The story hasn’t been replicated by a real life NFL player to date. In that vein, MCS is officially putting Thaddeus Lewis, Buffalo Bills QB, on the Willie Beamen Watch List.

What has Thad Lewis done to be put on the Willie Beamen Watch List? Well, on his first series for the Bills this past Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals, he hit T.J. Graham on a 47 yard pass after throwing up in the huddle (not confirmed). Shortly after his aerial assault, he took matters to the ground, flashing that Willie Beamen creativity for a 6 yard diving scramble into the end zone. Like Willie Beamen’s debut, Thad Lewis’ brilliant effort resulted in a loss – but that doesn’t mean the fans didn’t appreciate the effort or recognize the potential. Let’s review another eerie similiarity; Beamen was an unknown 7th Round draft choice whereas Thad Lewis was an undrafted journeyman. This story is heating up.



My name is Willie..

Thad Lewis ended up going 19-32 for 216 yards and threw for 2 touchdowns. He added 17 rush yards on 7 attempts and a touchdown. The same source who hinted that Thad Lewis threw up in the huddle prior to his opening touchdown drive has also pointed out that Thad Lewis is in talks to star in a shirtless Met-Rx commercial.

This isn’t the first time an upstart QB has been put on the Willie Beamen Watch List. Colin Kaepernick was a headliner for Willie Beamen potential last year, but his status as a 2nd Round draft selection makes him unworthy of the award. Keep your fingers crossed for Thad Lewis’ potential as the freshest face of an NFL franchise. The Buffalo Bills are about to be the new Miami Sharks. If I’m the Bills, I’d trade E.J. Manuel straight up for the Seattle Seahawks Defensive Assistant Coach, Marquand Manuel. Nothing is more exciting when you go all in on an unknown QB after one decent game. But hey, as the great saying goes “Those who take great risks are always rewarded handsomely.” -Unknown

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